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The Mariners' Digest THE MARINERS' DIGEST

Vol. 74: July. 2024


> Daily Landscape
    Sailing under the Milky Way
  By Orvin S. Orcena / Solpia Marine & Ship Management, Inc.
> Spotlight 
    Sea Japan2024, The Largest Ever Heldr
  Drawing Attention to Decarbonization and Autonomous Voyages
> Special Feature 
    Ships Powered by Alternative Fuels Are Introduced One After AnotherE
  Latest Trends in Japan
> Visiting A Ship 
  On the Route from Niigata, Japan to Dampier, Australia
> Special Report
    Joint Onboard Training for Japanese and Filipino Students
  Deepening Interaction in 3 Days Together at Sea
> Culture & Life
    Do You Know the Real Story of Ninja?
> Healthy Menu
    Vegetable Main Dish Recipes No.18
  Zucchini is Best Enjoyed During the Hot Summer
  By Makiko Hei
> Japan P&I Club
    Car Carrier-(No.2)
  Introduction to Japanese Car Carriers and Precautions During Operation
  By Japan P&I Club
> Sports
  Pick up Some New Table Tennis Skills,
  Sharpen Your Game, and Have More Fun!
> Seafarers' Voice
  What do you like about your hometown?
> Opinion
    In Praise of Companion Birds
   By Hidenori Yoshimura, The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc./ Editorial Committee Member
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