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List of Maritime Law Firms in Japan

MYO Law Office, LPC

Japanese (Nihongo)

ADDRESS Marunouchi Office:
Marunouchi Nijubashi Bld. 3F
3-2-2 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
Phone : 81-3-6837-5433
Fax : 81-3-6837-5474
Imabari Office:
Fuji Kasai Imabari Bld. 7F
1-6-18 Minamidaimon-cho Imabari City
Ehime 794-0027
Phone: 81-898-35-5082
Fax: 81-898-35-5083
WEBSITE http://www.myocean-law.jp/
MYO Law Office, LPC, founded on February 4, 2020, is a law firm specialized in the field of maritime law.

We provide services covering maritime-related matters in general, both in emergency and non-emergency situations.
Specifically, our services are of the following five categories:
1. Resolving legal issues and affairs in the shipowner business and the shipping business (various charter parties, B/L, contracts of carriage, etc.) concerning ordinary ship management and/or ship operation;
2. Drafting various contracts based on ship finance (loan agreements, security documents, shipbuilding contracts, ship sales-purchase contracts, etc.), and resolving relevant legal issues;
3. Dealing with, and resolving "Wet" matters such as claims regarding marine casualties (collision, salvage, general average, oil pollution, wreck removal, etc.) and marine cargo accidents;
4. Dealing with cases such as bankruptcy of a maritime-related company, and preserving claims by ship arrest/public auction, and ship release; and
5. Dealing with court, arbitration, and mediation (including those abroad) regarding these legal cases.
We provide legal services to deal with these issues and cases both in ordinary times and emergency times.

Our missions are to defend and successfully realize our clients' lawful and proper interests under the maritime law in individual cases.

It would be our greatest pleasure if we could further accumulate experiences in our missions to thereby contribute, to our best, to the realization of justice, safety, and order in the world of maritime law.

Of course, we understand that to approach the ideals, we, as legal professions having expertise and experience, need to make constant efforts, which we are determined to do.
It is our ideal and our determination towards it that we have put into our corporate name "MYO" which means "MY OCEAN".

"OCEAN", it is the area into which we, having expertise and experience in the practice of maritime law, also have to sail out to compete to realize our clients' lawful and proper interests in the world of maritime law.

This may be similar to the spirit with which people in the shipowner business or the shipping business expand their businesses, as if sailing out into the ocean in a step-by-step manner, from coasters to ocean liners and further to greater coasting, Handysize, Panamax, and Capesize vessels, overcoming various rough seas (not only heavy waves, but also hardships in the international economy, and occasionally hardships in the international politics).

We thus believe that, if we were entrusted to provide our clients with supports in terms of justice in the world of maritime law so that they can overcome various rough seas on the "OCEAN" and achieve their goals, it would bring us one step closer to our ideal, "MY OCEAN".

To conclude, I would like to state once again that it would be our greatest pleasure to support our clients.
 Main Areas of Practice
・Marine Casualties
・Prevention and Resolution of Maritime-Related Trouble
・Consultation on Maritime Cases in General
・Ship Finance
・Preservation and Recovery of Maritime Claims
・Other Legal Proceedings
・General Corporate Legal Services
Masamichi Kimura (Representative / Partner)
Arbitrator (Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.)
Marine Proctor
Mitsuhiro Ido
Marine Proctor
Takashi Suyama
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